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Corporate Relocation FAQs

Considerations Before Booking a Relocation Moving Service

Once you have made a decision to relocate, your first port of call may be to book a relocation moving service. While it is important to give your chosen company as much notice as possible, before making that call, there are some considerations that need to be assessed.

How Long Will You Be Gone?


If you are relocating permanently, you will have far different needs to someone who is only planning a short term move. If you are only going to be away for a few months, you are unlikely to need everything you own at your new location. You will need to consider what items are essential and you cannot live without. For any items that you are not taking with you, you will need to arrange storage, and your relocation moving service may be able to organize a preferential rate.
For a long term move, you will need to consider a relocation checklist to determine what you will need over an extended duration. This will mean creating a plan of essentials, useful items, and unnecessary items. Again, you may need storage for those pieces of furniture and seasonal items that may not be needed in your new home.

Self Packing or Professional Packers:

When you speak to a moving relocation service, it is likely the first question you will be asked is if you plan to self pack or need assistance from professional packers. This matter needs serious consideration as there are some implications. Although professional packers will add to the cost of your relocation, it is worth considering that there is a risk that your items could be damaged or even destroyed if they have not been packed properly. If your belongings will be transported in a container, there is a real possibility that things can shift. This means that boxes need to be correctly packed and furniture and other items need to have adequate packing. You may regret saving a few dollars if you start to unpack only to find that your table that you have transported thousands of miles has become irreparably damaged.

Relocation Moving Service Insurance:

Another option you will be offered from your relocation moving service is insurance. Unlike a local move, your belongings may be traveling hundreds or thousands of miles, which dramatically increases the risk of damage. You will need to determine if you want to arrange third party insurance or use a full service package from your moving company. Unforeseen accidents can happen during a move, so you need to ensure that your belongings are properly protected whether they are being transported by road, air or ship.

Choosing the Right Relocation Moving Service:

Finally, you need to ensure that you are contacting the right service provider. There are many companies in the marketplace, and not all will offer the same standard of service. Since you are entrusting your memories and valued possessions to their care, you need to have complete confidence in your moving company. Fortunately, Lead Quote Movers is available to help you navigate these difficult waters. We can assess the specific needs of your move and connect you with the best relocation moving service providers. We only work with those companies who meet our high standards, so you can have complete confidence your belongings are in safe hands.

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