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Moving Special Items; How to Move With Your Pet

Moving can be a stressful process for the whole family including your pets. However, with the proper planning and preparation, you can help your furry friend through this process encourage them to adjust happily to your new home. Lead Quote Movers has industry experience with moving special items including pets, so we will help you with some tips and tricks to keep your pets happy during your move.

Plan in Advance:


The key to moving special items like pets is to prepare in advance. In the weeks before your move, you will need to plan for your pet’s move to keep them happy and free of anxiety. The first step is to ensure that in the event that your pet escapes, it can be returned to you. It is a good idea to purchase a new ID tag that will detail your telephone number and your new address. You may also need to update the company records if your pet is microchipped. You should also inform your vet of your new address, so you are prepared just in case your pet gets ill. You will also need to plan for how your pet will be traveling to your new home. If it is traveling in your car, you should ensure that it is familiar with being in the car. However, if this is not possible, you may need to consider a company that specializes in moving special items such as pets. While your local company may be experienced appliance movers, they may not have the skills and experience to handle safely moving your pet.

Preparing Your Pet:

Although moving can be disruptive, try to maintain your normal pet routine to minimize any anxiety. Try to keep the same walking and feeding schedule both before and after your move.
It is a good idea to familiarize your pet with packing boxes before the move, so they become used to the sight and sounds of them. On the run up to moving day, get your pet used to their carrier or crate. They may have used it in the past for quick visits, but they may be in their carrier for an extended period on moving day. Put a couple of toys inside or a treat and leave the carrier open. After a day or two, place their food bowl inside the carrier, which will get them used to eating inside it. Try shutting the door and carrying them around for a short while to get them used to the motion again. Finally, be sure to reward them with play and a treat after every carrier visit.

The Day for Moving Special Items:

If your move is happening over a couple of days, you will need to make a judgment call about when your pet should be moved. In most cases, the move will happen on one day, so you will need to ensure that your pet is shielded from this potentially chaotic time. Your movers should be made aware in advance that you have pets, but remind the moving team when they arrive. Keep your pet in a secluded and secure area to avoid escape attempts. Most moving teams are not likely to want pets around them when they are packing and moving boxes as injuries could occur, so let them know where the pets are. Be sure to regularly check on your pet throughout the day. It only takes a few moments for a quick stroke or some play, but it can do wonders to relieve an anxious animal.

If you do need more than a simple appliance mover and are moving special items, you should speak to Lead Quote Movers. We can connect you with high quality companies that are best suited to your needs.

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