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How to Compare Free Online Moving Quotes

With so many different companies offering free online moving quotes, it can be very difficult to decide which company is actually offering the best service. You may find that the moving company quotes vary greatly and wonder why some companies are charging far more than others. Does this mean that the cheaper company is the best value? Not necessarily! Fortunately, Lead Quote Movers is on hand to help

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Compare the Companies:

The first step of comparing free online moving quotes is to compare the companies. When you are filling in the online moving quote form, take a little time to make a note of the type of company. Is the company new or have they been working in the industry for years? Does the company have a large team with a fleet of moving trucks or are they are a small operation with few vehicles? These details are likely to affect the estimate for their services. Although there are some great small, new moving companies around, you are likely to pay a little more for the experience and expertise of an established company. Additionally, if the company has access to more resources, they may offer greater reliability. For example, even the best companies can suffer from vehicle issues such as breakdowns and punctured tires. If the company only has one truck, what happens to you on moving day?

What is Included in the Free Online Moving Quotes?

Next, you need to look at what is and is not included in the free online moving quotes. Some companies will quote for a bare minimum package, and you may end up with further charges being added to your estimate later. Other companies prefer to tell you upfront the charges that will be involved. You may also find that some moving companies have included professional packers, packing materials and comprehensive insurance in their moving company quotes. In order to assess which company is offering the best value, you need to look at the level of service and determine your needs. Some people prefer to pack all of their belongings themselves, so wouldn’t appreciate having a professional packing service included in the package. However, it is worth looking at any terms and conditions included with the quote. Some companies charge an additional insurance premium or may refuse to carry altogether certain items that haven’t been professionally packed. This might mean that your antique vase or heirloom table wouldn’t have adequate coverage if you had packed it yourself. This is usually because the company wants to have complete confidence that items have been packed for maximum protection in transit.

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Warning Signs:

Finally, you need to be wary of any company that refuses to give you a written estimate when you have requested an online moving quote. Reputable companies are happy to provide a written estimate with clear terms and conditions. Any company that refuses may be being a little vague about their charges, and you could end up with a hefty bill on moving day.

If you are worried about determining the best moving companies from your free online moving quotes, you should speak to us. The Lead Quote Movers team will determine the unique requirements of your move and match you to the moving companies best suited to the task. You can also have the assurance that only companies with an excellent reputation are invited to work with us, so you can have complete confidence that you will get what you pay for.

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