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How to Prepare a Moving Company Insurance Inventory

There are a number of benefits to preparing an inventory when you are getting ready to move. It can not only serve as a checklist but can provide you with documentation for your moving company insurance. Creating an inventory is a little more involved than simply jotting down a list, but it is well worth taking a little time to do it right.

Getting Started:


The first step to creating your inventory is to sort out any items that will not be making the move. Preparing to move is a fantastic time to do a little life laundry and donate, sell or throw away anything you no longer need or want. Once you have done this, you will be left with the items that should be featured on your moving company insurance inventory.

Pen and Paper or Electronic?

Next, you need to determine whether you want to create a pen and paper or an electronic inventory. Although a pen and paper one may seem simpler, an electronic inventory can be far more beneficial, since you don’t need to keep a physical copy as it can be stored online. Either type of inventory will require a document with several columns. A spreadsheet is ideal for this purpose and will allow you to store copies of receipts and digital photographs in the same folder.

Walk Through:

You need to start your inventory in a logical and orderly way. Take one room at a time and walk through making a note of all the items. Make particular note of high value items, which should be photographed for a complete record. You should make a note of the item description, its value, the room it belongs in and whether it is packed in a box or separately.
Take each room separately and open up all the drawers and cabinets to ensure that everything is documented. Record anything of value including jewelry, electronics, tools, artwork, and antiques. Make a note of any makes, models and serial numbers of large appliances and electronics.

Values for Your Moving Company Insurance:

Your moving company insurance will require a value for your total household and any higher value items to ensure that you have adequate coverage. In most cases, you will need to document either an actual price, appraisal value or estimate of the item’s worth. This will help you in the event of a claim. You can also attach supporting evidence to your inventory, such as receipts, to keep all the paperwork together.

Secure Your List:

Once you have finished your list, you need to make several copies for safe keeping. If you have created a digital inventory, email the folder to yourself or a friend, so it is saved on your email provider’s server. A physical copy could also be given to a relative for safe keeping. On moving day, ensure that your inventory is kept in your hand luggage, so you can easily access it when you start to unpack at your new home.

If you need help finding reputable moving company insurance coverage, you should speak to the Lead Quote Movers team. We would be delighted to connect you with the best companies so you can have complete moving protection.

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