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5 Reasons to Choose Professional Moving Services

When it comes time to move, you will face the decision of whether to hire professional moving services or try to do all the packing and moving by yourself. Moving can be a costly process, so it is understandable to try to save a little cash, but here are five reasons why you may want to consider getting professional help.


It is very common among self movers to find that organization tends to go a little out of the window. While you may start with the best of intentions buying your moving supplies early and packing a few boxes here and there, by the time you’re set to pick up your moving truck, you are likely to find that every minute is needed and things just get put into any old box. This can be a logistical nightmare, and you are likely to find yourself half unpacking dozens of boxes as you search for necessities. You will also be on a very tight schedule as you will need to keep an eye on when the truck needs to be returned.

Save Your Back:


Moving can be a very heavy duty experience, and if you are not used to physical labors, you may find that your back is soon complaining. Professional movers have dollies and trucks to move heavier items, and there is usually a full team to load and unload your entire house. If you are self moving, you will be lucky to have one or two helpers, so you will need to prepare yourself for being exhausted for several days after the move.

Minimize Breakages:

Breakages are a common aspect of self moving, but it is usually down to either improper packing or careless friends “helping.” Professional moving services can minimize the risk of damage and breakages as they will take care to ensure that your items are properly protected for the journey to your new home. Additionally, you are likely to have full coverage, so in the unlikely event that something does break, it will be covered by insurance.

Caring for Children and Pets:

When you are moving the whole family, it can be a real challenge to keep an eye on your children and pets, while loading and unloading the truck. As you are loading moving containers, it is very easy for dogs or cats to dart out of an open door and disappear. This can be devastating, and you may need to waste precious hours searching your old neighborhood for your family pet. When you hire professional moving services, you can concentrate on ensuring that your pets and children are safely tucked away from the chaos of moving.

The True Savings:

When you add up the cost of hours spent packing, hiring a moving truck and buying moving supplies, you need to ask yourself if you are actually really saving all that much. You may find that saving a few dollars is costing you a great deal of stress and frustration.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of moving services, you should speak to us. The Lead Quote Movers team can connect you with professional moving companies who are more than just moving trucks. We can help to make your house move as stress free and straightforward as possible.

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