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How to Apply the 30 60 90 Rule to Your Portable Storage


The 30 60 90 rule is an excellent way to organize numerous aspects of your life. If you are planning a home move and are considering portable storage, we will explain how you can harness the potential of this rule to ensure that your portable storage containers are totally organized.

What is the 30 60 90 Rule?

Simply put, this rule is about organizing things into whether they have been used in the last 30, 60 or 90 days. If something has been used in the last month or 30 days, it is classified as an everyday item. Every 60 days means something is seasonal or every 90 days something that is rarely used.

How This Can Be Applied to Portable Storage:

Unlike self storage, portable storage tends to have more restricted access. Usually, the portable storage units are delivered to your property for you to load with your items. However, once it is filled and taken away, you may not have access to the storage site. This means that it can be very problematic if you find that you have put something that you use fairly often into storage. In most cases, this isn’t too difficult as the items are only stored until you have relocated to your new home, but if you are relocating for several months, you may find that you end up without vital items.
The 30, 60, 90 rule encourages you to explore how often you actually use each and every item. So, if something has been used in the last 30, it is likely it will be needed again and should be kept for the moving truck.

Using the 30, 60, 90 Rule:

This is a fairly simple process. You just need to logically go through your items and divide them into three piles. The first pile should be the items that are actively in use such as your printer or vacuum cleaner. In the second pile is items that are not regularly used. For example, you may have boxes of seasonal clothes or tools. If you are planning short term storage for during your move, these items could be placed in your portable storage units. Finally, the third pile is for the 90 day items. These items can be further broken down into items that could be donated, sold or thrown away. Anything you want to keep is obviously not regularly used and could be placed into storage.

Taking time to organize your clutter and sort out what should be placed in your portable storage may seem counterintuitive when you are busy planning a move, but it can pay dividends in the long run. If you would like further advice about making the best use of portable storage units, you should speak to us. The Lead Quote Movers team can not only connect you with the moving companies who have the expertise and skills to meet the unique demands of your move, but we can also provide access to companies offering storage and other moving services.

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