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Residential Moving Services Tips for A Move With Teens

Many of us take it for granted that a move is the right thing for our entire family. Unfortunately, your teens may not see it this way. Whether they have a bunch of best buds or a budding romance, they may not appreciate moving home, particularly if you are moving to a new neighborhood. Fortunately, residential moving services have some tips to ease their transition to your new home.

Involve Them From the Start:


Can you imagine if your husband or wife just walked in one day and said: “We’re moving.” Most of us would be upset that there had been no discussion and it would likely start a massive row. So, it is easy to understand why teens start yelling about their lives being ruined. While a great job or another opportunity should not be ignored to avoid a tantrum, you can make things easier by getting your kids involved from the start. Sit down and discuss the move and listen to any concerns they may have. You may want to reassure them with details of the opportunities available at their new school or leave them to research it for themselves. They could even research new neighborhoods to give them a sense of decision ownership.

Organize Your Services:

If you want to keep your teens on side, it is a good idea to organize your services well in advance. By booking early, you can ensure that your internet and phone are connected to the new house as soon as you arrive. This will allow them to get on social media immediately and show off their new room to their old friends.

Let Them Make Bedroom Decorating Decisions:

If you want your teens to feel at home in the new house, they should be allowed to make the decisions about their own rooms. Encourage them to decide how they would like the layout and what colors or decor they would like. Many of these decisions can be made in advance, and you could even have new drapes and coverlets ready for their new room on moving day.

Organize Some Fun:

Although moving can be stressful, it is important to take some time to organize some fun. Try out some of the cool things the teens have researched. These types of family outings will help you all to settle in more quickly. Even something as simple as checking out a local pizza place will help the kids to feel that they have some control in the move decisions.

Give Some Rewards:

Bribery is not recommended, but you can reward any help your teens provide. Instead of having them sulk in their room, get help with many of the moving chores for a reward. This could be a financial incentive or something more creative like enrolling them in a cool activity in the new neighborhood.

While all of these measures to appease your teens may appear very time consuming, Lead Quote Movers can help you to find the best residential moving services to save you time and stress. We assess your moving house needs and connect you with companies with the experience and skills to help.

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